Monday, March 24, 2008

It's not over "Only the good Die Young"

Tim Spelios, Leon Dewan , Brian Dewan, and Ken Butler (link right)
(click on images to enlarge)

It is not quantity but quality. Marcin Ramocki and Tom Moody (right)
Matt Freedman

Scott Fulmer
Photos: artMovingProjects/Aron Namenwirth
To dis-spell a rumor this was a closing party for Cynthia Bloom and Jens Brand's show at aMP
not a closing of the gallery. Their work will remain up for at least another month by appointment only. We will remain very much alive. We regret having to postpone the shows of Adam Simon and John Giglio.
Let's start a new rumor - look
for artMovingProjects or a gallery with a different name, same players to open in china town near the new museum fall/winter 2008. Cheers and thanks to all the performers for keeping the spirit real, surfing and burning. Also, Thanks to Dan Davidson who came up from New Mexico to help with installation which is continuing with hand made kites baring the i ching.

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