Saturday, December 13, 2008

Heaven is in Brooklyn-- Tonight!

John Giglio Designing Heaven

Heaven is in Brooklyn --Tonight! (note this was last night)

This exhibition caught my eye because of the title "Designing Heaven". Everyone has tried to imagine what the afterlife looks like. John Giglio has presented to us a series of drawings that propose what he thinks the afterlife may look like. What will our forms be? What will we do in heaven? He challenged himself to design something "completely intangible". Giglio states "In short, could I simply do the job of designing heaven? While the answer to most of those questions may very well have turned out to be 'No, I can’t', the product of a sincere and even obsessive effort can be seen in over sixty drawings that make up the show." So, take a peek at heaven tonight at Art moving Projects at 166 N. 12th street in Broolyn from 7-9.

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