Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michael Smith Mothersday Performance


Sunday, May 10
The Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium
Comedy and humor were vital to the group of artists featured in the exhibition. This event brings together two of the great artist-performers of the period, Michael Smith and Paul McMahon. Smith reprises an early piece from the 1970s entitled "Minimal Message Movement" and stages a birthday party for Baby Ikki, the perpetually 18-month-old character (played by Smith) who is an archetype with an unclear mission. McMahon performs a selection of his acerbic songs lampooning the 1980s art world and also appears as the Rock 'n' Roll Psychiatrist, providing on-the-spot musical responses to personal problems posed by the audience. Please note: contains adult content
Performances by artists Michael Smith (assisted by Carol Smith Mitchell and Cameron A. Larsen) and Paul McMahon

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