Saturday, September 12, 2009


performance 9/11/09

gallery 2

“She Who Destroys the Light" is Carol ‘Riot’ Kane’s gothic cathedral of an exhibition, with rock stars as saints. Fandom is usually insipid. Here, it's a monumental cosmology, fully realized.

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“The Sweetest Thing” is Andrew Erdos’s joyously ridiculous, NC-17 melange of photos, video, sculpture and performance. Santalopes are everywhere. Visitors will encounter a giant Santalope gingerbread house, a video of Santalope sex on a deserted Australian beach, Mrs. Santalope’s live North Pole dance—and her unabashed girl-on-girl eroticism—Santalopes at the Great Wall of China, Santalopes in glass, and lots and lots of candy.

What is a Santalope?

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