Friday, October 1, 2010

Save Date Nov.15 Earth School Auction at Pierogi

Dan Kopp "untitled" acrylic on paper 12x16" 2010

Contributing Artists:

Marina Adams Diana Al-Hadid Joe Amrhein

Michelle Araujo assume vivid astro focus Mike Ballou

Sarah Bedford Louise Belcourt Michael Berryhill

Fiorenzo Borghi Lee Boroson Katherine Bradford

Sebastiaan Bremer David Brody Sally Brody

Jude Broughan Tom Burckhardt Kathy Butterly

Duncan Campbell Francis Cape Rebecca Chamberlain

Seong Chun Dawn Clements Jennifer Coates

Susanna Coffey Marsha Cottrell Jen Dalton

Beth Dary Jay Davis Nancy Diamond

Julia von Eichel Nicole Eisenman Sebastian Errazuriz

James Esber Jane Fine Dan Fischer

Matt Freedman Jeff Gabel Linda Gottesfeld

Red Grooms Kirsten Hassenfeld Eric Heist

Elana Herzog Katie Holten Henry Horenstein

David Humphrey Julia Jacquette Yvonne Jacquette

Susan Jennings Kysa Johnson Dana Kane

Darina Karpov Beth Kattleman Steve Keister

Zilvinas Kempinas Dan Kopp Jill Levine

Jeanne Lorenz Tracy Miller Jaye Moon

Andrew Moszynski Linda Nagaoka Aron Namenwirth

Itty Neuhaus John Newman Laura Newman

John J. O’Connor Mark Orange Angel Otero

Roxy Paine Marilla Palmer Gary Panter

Bruce Pearson Liza Phillips Tamara Rosenblum

Alexander Ross Gina Ruggieri David Sandlin

Bill Schuck Max Schumann Ward Shelley

Adam Simon Guy Richards Smit Greg Stone

Eve Sussman Barbara Takenaga Jude Tallichet

Kate Teale Fred Tomaselli Momoyo Torimitsu

John Tremblay Mark Dean Veca Sarah Walker

Sarah Wallace Sally Webster Ken Weaver

Alan Weiner Martin Wilner Alexi Worth

Jane Yeomans Dan Zeller

Auction and Raffle Procedure

There will be approximately 100 art works contributed to the raffle. That same number of tickets will be sold. Each ticket has a unique number and all ticket holders should retain possession of their tickets. All ticket holders will receive a piece of art!!

IMPORTANT: You do not need to attend the event to receive a work of art. If you are unable to come to the auction you can choose someone to be your proxy.

Auction/raffle preview will begin at 6pm on Monday November 15th at Pierogi.

When arriving at Pierogi, ticket holders will be given a numbered list of the 100 art works. Each person should make note of their top ten or fifteen choices. As the evening progresses you may need to amend this list a few times.

At 7 pm precisely we will begin a short, live auction. There will be three or four surprise items, followed by a live auction for the chance to have the first, second and third pick of art work from the gallery. Immediately thereafter the raffle will begin. The entire raffle should take no more than 90 minutes.

As the raffle is being conducted all ticket holders must pay close attention and cross off artworks as they are chosen. When your ticket number is called you will have LESS THAN ONE MINUTE to announce which item you want. Please call out the number of the piece you want, and not the artist’s name. Artworks will be removed from the wall and carefully wrapped soon after they are chosen. Buyers are free to leave once they have their purchase in hand.

Tickets are 250$ The best way is of course by check, made out to ESPA, or Earth School Parent Association. Hold on to the checks with your package of unsold tickets until you are done selling or until our next meeting.

However, for people you are soliciting from afar, they can pay by PAYPAL on the school's website. We lose about 3% of the money in fees, so try to only use this when absolutely necessary.

off to the right side it says DONATE and there is a paypal link above

the following make up benefit commitee so they should have tickets.

Jane Fine & James Esber

Christian Viveros-Fauné & Lisa Johnson

Tom Burckhardt & Kathy Butterly

Gregory Volk

David Brody

Jane Yeomans

Mark Orange

David Sandlin

We should have some tickets some here too.

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