Wednesday, December 22, 2010

AFC Fund raiser

What can readers do to make Lynda Benglis’ dildo grow into her mistletoe? Give to the Art Fag City end of year fundraising campaign! I need $5,000 to continue running the blog full time in the upcoming year, so I’m asking readers for their support so I can make this happen.

Thanks to Ms. Benglis AFC has an aggressively eye-catching dick for a fundraising “thermometer”. The beauty of independent publishing is that you can enjoy it because it’s not censored by some “larger” editorial vision. I used this image because it illustrates my commitment to promoting the value of emerging art and ensuring we all share in the satisfaction of engaging in art and the fine art community.

I want to continue doing this and with your help I can. As in year’s past, the blog operates with non-profit sponsorship so all donations are tax deductible. Finally, for those donors with a competitive edge, AFC has a pot sweetener: This year, the highest donor will receive their choice of print by Michael Smith or Phillip Niemeyer. Both are fantastic prints and worth their weight in donation gold!

Image Credit: Lynda Benglis in her 1974 advertisement in ArtForum promoting her upcoming show at Paula Cooper Gallery. The mistletoe is an AFC addition.

Paddy Johnson


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