Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Exit Art Rico Gatson
David Zwirner Lisa Yuskavage

Here presents an excellent compare and contrast lesson from the Yale School of Art,
and the differences of commercial and nonprofit venue. I think the clues are self-evident in the websites although as these are both mates will make the trip or should I say voyage. Rock On!
Some thoughts- both shows and artists are content heavy although that is not what is discussed,
perhaps in rejection of the heavy formalist critique that was served in art school in the late 80's.
Lisa's shows, I always over hear some apprehensive painter utter, "well at least she can paint"
With Rico it is unstated but admiration for flawless surface and perfect joinery can not be denied. Gatson's work and this show plays with the abstraction of race, personal and cultural experience. Yuskavage narratives deal with the offering of female sexuality, seduction, and the abject, though the body and landscape as object and space. In both cases paint, flatness, the sublime, and spiritual is paired against the unspeakable, flowers in ass holes, or portrait of the clan. It's like love me even though I smell bad. Some of us do.

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