Monday, September 3, 2007

natalie moore in group show opening september 12th

Strand is a show of artists who work in a similar vein. A shared affinity for the hard within the soft and the potency of material is explored. There is a poetic strength to the work which refers to both the physical environment and to a broader sense of social connectivity. The fact that all the work is in some way contingent upon its environment speaks to a desire not simply to transcend a mutual dependency, but to embrace it. Pieces hang from the ceiling, are embedded in the wall, piled upon the floor, wrapped around structure, or woven into armature. Strand, in this fashion, transcends the simple meaning of fiber, thread or linear form to evoke a sense both of connectedness and isolation.

Featured artists:

Rico Gatson
Orly Genger
Heather Hart
Jac Lernier
Natalie Moore
Ellie Murphy

NYCAMS 44 west 28th street, 7th floor
opening reception: September 12th, 6-8pm

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