Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Devon Dikeou The New Yorker



Conceptual Art meets self-disclosure. Rather than
hide a potentially embarrassing devotion to a
childhood security blanket, nicknamed Niney,
Dikeou makes it the subject of her work. "The
Niney Chronicles" unfolds in a series of photo-
graphs and hilarious text paintings. As the nar-
rative twists and turns (Niney is nearly lost on a
shuttle bus from LaGuardia to J.F.K.!) Dikeou's
homage to her sacred scrap of wool points, with
absurdist levity to the mysteries of our attach-
ment to objects- and that includes art. Through
Feb. 10 artMovingProjects, 166 north 12th st.

*Note we will be open by appointment through
the holidays. Also, the sacred scrap of wool
turned out to be holy synthetic.

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