Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jens Brand New Media Project Space

Music=0D=0D1 The idea:=0D=0Dis a DVD extract of the "respirator =
tracts/tracks" project, featuring the breathing sounds of one singer =
(Madonna) and one complete album (Music), including the music videos =
that accompany it.=0D=0DThe concept is based on an observation of recent =
pop-music. =0DSince some years the singers produce intense inhalation- =
sounds, before they start to sing the next phrase. =0DIn some songs the =
breathing is so intense that, if one would try breath along, you will =
start to hyperventilate.=0DThis "breathing" is supposed to express =
intensity, but also creates the "concept" of reality and physical =
closeness in the time of more distance creating digital and sampling =
based productions. =0DIn this sense it's like the "dust" filter of =
Photoshop.=0D=0DThe installation "Respirator Tracts/Tracks" is based on =
8 tracks and 64 breathing circles edited from different songs and =
stiles. Every sound is a sample from existing songs. Although the short =
excerpt does not allow to recognize the source, it allows to recognize =
the style of recording of the specific age.=0DThe "RT/T" sample library =
contains beathings from Enrico Caruso, Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, =
Barbara Streisand and Sonnyboy Williamson up ( or down) to Bruce =
Springsteen, Madonna, Celine Dion, Britney Spears and others. While =
"RT/T" is running from a computer and due to the logics of set up =
constantly remixes itself, "Music" is a 5 channel work played from DVD, =
and thus with fixed development. =0D=0D2 The structure: =0D=0DMusic=0D=0D=
The album contains 9 songs, three of them with video version.=0D=0D=
Impressive Instant / Runaway Lover / I Deserve It / Amazing / Nobody's =
Perfect / Don't Tell Me

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