Friday, January 22, 2010


131 ALLEN ST NEW YORK NY 10002 USA 212.675.7772
wednesday–saturday 12am
6pm, sunday 16pm

BEN SNEAD - recent paintings
opening reception thursday january 28, 6 - 8pm
continuing thru saturday february 27

ben snead continues to use frogs, fish, birds, snakes, and various insects, as the fodder of his paintings. previously the compositions were quite literal and often hinted at social constructs and amusing choreography while the most recent paintings have a more abstracted eccentricity that includes partial disappearances into folds as in paper or windows as in computers, mashings, and fragmentation. two of my favorites are a heap of chopped up purplish fogs against a black ground that look rather like a car crash or the makings of a dinner and a hilariously frightening talking head composed of swarming grasshoppers. there is as well a more classical and spacious arrangement of three stacked rows of three, 9 grouper, a fish, heads, all but one oddball face the same direction, and it is a perfect opportunity to observe the wide range of superficial similarities and differences within a species. same different; different same. the implications are intended. peace.

in december 09, ben snead’s commission by the metropolitan transit authority was completed. it is in the departures and arrivals area, mezzanine level of the a-f jay st. borough hall line, towards the south end of the station.

ben snead, 38, lives and works in brooklyn. he began exhibiting with feature inc in 2001 and this is his third one person exhibition with the gallery. ben snead attended the school of the art institute in chicago for undergraduate studies and has a mfa from rhode island school of design.

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