Saturday, March 7, 2009

A couple...2

William Stone at James Fuentes

Matt Connors at Canada at The Armory

Compare and contrast- is there any direction in art in 2009- No. Above two examples of awesome art moving in opposite directions Stone- Conceptual/Lifestyle and Connors Formalism/Installation. Canada is one of the few galleries sticking to one artist in their booth at the Armory, with Matt making an formal tour de force with dealer dressed in yellow and white finishing off a tasteful squaring of colors. This singling of artist is explored at Volta and will be looked at shortly. Both Matt and Bill safely snuggle into conventional modes of modern art making, and this creates a very safe and comfortable experience. The Gallery in this case has the advantage of space and Stone's Chairs, Clock, and Lights in the back room breath here :) James Fuentes has taken advantage of the collapsing art market moving into a recently vacated space next to Bell Weather just for this exhibit- while B.W. is expelled from the Armory for lack of funds. This seems terrible that the Armory could not float the credit until B.W. could make the sales.
In any case. Stone makes a convincing case in questioning Plato. Is a chair a chair? No a chair is
Art. Duchamp lives in Stone. I was a little confused with Matts "Framed" thinking it was the other Canada artist who has favored the blank canvas, but it's tautness set me straight.
Time is always an issue especially during art fairs and the grandfather clock with live feed projected face reminded me that is running out for the old. Chelsea with it's great shows appeared like a scene from the day after. Strangely nothing is what it seems even the Armory is a pier.
Mary Reed

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