Saturday, March 14, 2009

Real Life

LinkCasting a 1x1x1.5" pixel in plaster artMovingProjects converted into studio.
Newspaper on floor from a great show at Capricious Gallery Brooklyn. Painting: Marcin Ramocki "Facebook Portrait"
See show online here:
Curated by: Laurel Ptak and organized by: Harm van den Dorpel
Club Internet's assignment "Reverse Engineering."
Participants include: Mark Callahan, Martijn Hendricks, Jon Rafman, Damon Zucconi, Aleksandra Damanovic, Robert Wodzinski, Marc Kremers Philipp Otto, Chris Collins, Constant
Dullaart, Vadik Marmeladov, Joel Holmberg, Miltos Manetas Nathan Havenstein, Charles Broskoski, Dennis Knopf, Tom Moody, Alexindr Skarlinski, Laura Brothers, Justen Kemp, Thomas Traum, Oliver Laric, Travis Smalley, Pascual Sisto, Jam Robert Leegte, Kevin Bewersdorf, and last but not least Guthrie Lonergan whose piece was one of my favorites.
This show was made by the artists in 4 hours starting at 4.00p.m . It was D.J.ed by Harm
and I had the opportunity to sit between Kevin and Jon who were 2 of the 4 or 5 who worked at the gallery- the rest worked outside. The audience included: Heather Rasley and Casey Pugh among a few others who came and went. As performance this was really quite amazing. Like most things made from the web it's presence lives comfortably at the club. The evening before
found a panel discussion that suffered from talking geek head- but I heard Paddy Johnson from ArtFagCity made some good points.
(any names spelled wrong please comment and will correct)
Mary Reed

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